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12:30 pm, Saturday Nov 24

Sunprints Workshop with Andrea Cote

Learn the art technique used to create The Radiance Project. Cyanotype is an early photographic process that uses the sun to expose imagery, noted for its intense blue hues. We’ll use a variety of natural, found, and drawing materials to create unique prints.

2 Sessions: 12:30 PM and 2 PM

02:00 pm, Saturday Dec 15

Beat Boxin’ with Baba

Learn how to use your mouth as an instrument with master Beat Boxer Baba Israel!

02:00 pm, Saturday Dec 22

“Sights & Sounds of the Galleries” with Kate and Jake

Families will be taken on a journey of song, movement, and wonder through the galleries with the talented husband and wife duo.

02:00 pm, Saturday Dec 29

KIDS STUDIO @ SAC: Drawing & Collage in the Galleries

Attendees will sketch in the “Light of the Ocean” galleries and then go to the studio to cut up the drawings and collage them on paper bags creating their own interpretation of the exhibition.