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eARTh – Artists as Activists

Curated by Amy Kirwin

APRIL 17-JULY 11, 2021

Image: Alejandro Duran; Vena, 2011

Programmatic Partners include Drawdown East End, Peconic Land Trust, South Fork Natural History Museum, Oceana and the Peter Matthiessen Center.

This timely exhibition features artists who use their talents to focus on environmental conservation and activism, whether through fine art, science, photography, film, music, prose or other forms of artistic expression. The vision for eARTh is to use art to creatively confront the alarming state of our precious planet and its inhabitants in a way that all can understand and appreciate. The intention of eARTh is to ask questions and inspire action. What can you do to make a difference?

Exhibiting artists will hold workshops throughout, poignant panel discussions will be organized with the presenting partners, plus special film screenings including the sensational Fantastic Fungi.

Artists include Roisin Bateman, Kristian Brevik, Scott Bluedorn, Megan Chaskey, Erica Cirino, Rossa Cole, Janet Culbertson, Thomas Deininger, Alejandro Duran, Jim Gingerich, Mamoun Friedrich Grosvenor, John Haigney, Kara Hoblin, Michael Light, Pamela Longobardi, Christa Maiwald, Tucker Marder, Janine Martel, Steve Miller, Patricia Paladines, Aurora Robson, Cindy Pease Roe, Lauren Ruiz, Anne Seelbach, Kathryn Szoka, and Diane Tuft, plus a special project by the members of the South Fork Natural History Museum’s Young Environmentalists program.

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday to Sunday, 12-5 PM

For the Earth

A Poem by Megan Chaskey, Earth Day, April 22, 2012

I came to this place as a poet,

not because I was schooled in words

but because I was born to this earth

to be a voicing in her chambers

and I remember this in my tissues

like a riling of water under the prow of the boat.


May you here never be

told that you have lapsed,

or that your pause in the face

of a sentence that disrespected

our common human earth blessing

be counted as a lapse.

For deadlines do not honor the dead,

nor do they honor lines,

from which radiate

so much beauty

in a face.


And would that we would wake

in a place of worship

to the soul that breathes

from each of us the unique aroma of the earth,

sensed nowhere else but here in you and me.

Where but in music do we stand a chance

of remembering what the earth gives us

in breeze, leaf dance, water rhythm, stone and

sand, inside ice melting to sun streaks

within the curve of ancient continents?


I stand here as on a mountain to listen to the stones sing –

and here, under the rain of truth, give thanks

for all the earth gives us

and say quietly, but with a mother’s knowing,

it is never too late for healing our earth star

should we choose to balance the pulse

of who we become

when we embrace her.


Copyright Megan Chaskey

Click on the artists names to link to their websites:

Roisin Bateman

Scott Bluedorn

Kristian Brevik

Megan Chaskey

Erica Cirino

Rossa Cole

Janet Culbertson

Tom Deininger

Alejandro Duran

Jim Gingerich

Mamoun Friedrich Grosvenor

Kara Hoblin

Pamela Longobardi

Michael Light

Christa Maiwald

Tucker Marder

Janine Martel

Steve Miller

Patricia Paladines

Aurora Robson

Cindy Pease Roe

Lauren Ruiz

Anne Seelbach

Kathryn Szoka

Diane Tuft


Cover Image: Alejandro Duran; Vena, 2011


Southampton Arts Center
25 Jobs Lane
Southampton, NY 11968 United States
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East End Collected6 March Illustrated Talk

07:00 pm, Thursday Mar 18

Join us on Zoom for the second of two virtual illustrated talks with select East End Collected6 artists. Each participant will have ten minutes to share slides of their work and discuss their process. Hosted by Curator Paton Miller. Featuring Linda K. Alpern, Jim Croak, Deborah Buck, Bastienne Schmidt, Agathe Snow, and Maria Vasconcelos.

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East End Collected6 Gallery Tour with Paton Miller

12:30 pm, Saturday Apr 03

Join EEC6 Curator Paton Miller for an intimate tour of the galleries. Limit 20 per tour. First come, first served. East End Collected draws attention to the large population of artists living in the region and reflects Paton Miller’s vision of the East End as an ideal environment for artists to create work. In this sixth iteration of the popular exhibition, Miller continues with the intention of never showing the same artist twice. Since its 2015 launch, the EEC series has featured over 200 individuals. Through this exhibition, Paton Miller celebrates 34 new artists and further establishes Southampton Arts Center as a home where the East End arts scene continues to thrive. ADDITIONAL TOURS WILL BE OFFERED ON FEBRUARY 6 & MARCH 6 AT 12:30 PM.

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