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12:00am, Saturday Jun 27 - 11:59pm, Wednesday Sep 30

SAC Public Art Project: Outdoor Sculpture and Art Installation

Artists include Louise Bourgeois (courtesy of Hauser & Wirth), Hal Buckner, Saskia Friedrich, Alice Hope, Bryan Hunt, Laurie Lambrecht, and Steve Miller. This special installation on the east end west lawn of SAC is a collaboration between Artistic Director Amy Kirwin and Artist Eric Fischl and reflects both nature and the new normal of life during a pandemic. The intention is not only to offer an open-air experience that welcomes guests to roam freely and safely, but to draw attention to artists that use nature and humanity as an inspiration for their work.  This project will enhance our beautiful grounds for the public to enjoy while taking advantage of the property. Combining both sculpture and installation makes for a dynamic use of the landscape, and the artists chosen all have works that will be in conversation with and draw attention to the stunning natural surroundings and existing sculptural features. Image: Bryan Hunt; Monolith Quarry, 1979 & Cubit Quarry, 1979; Bronze, Editions 1/4; 30.5" x 13.5" x 28” and 14.5" x 36" x 27.5”

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