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06:00 pm, Friday Mar 20

OG TAKEOVER! 2019 Alumni Panel Discussion & All Arts Doc Screening

Join some of the OG Takeover! artists from 2019 to learn about their experiences as the first in this experiment. We will also show the very special half hour documentary by WNET’s All Arts Network.  The discussion will be moderated by Takeover creator and SAC Artistic Director Amy Kirwin.

03:00 pm, Sunday Apr 12

TAKEOVER! 2020 Closing Day Gallery Tour and Champagne Toast

Join the TAKEOVER! 2020 artists and SAC’s Amy Kirwin for an informal tour of the galleries followed by a celebratory toast in honor of the completion of their works.

Artists include Jodi Bentivegna, Michael Butler, Isadora Capraro, Franco Cuttica, Esly Escobar, Melinda Hackett, Erica-Lynn Huberty, Dinah Maxwell Smith, Miles Partington, and Kerry Sharkey-Miller plus studednts from Southampton High School and the Ross School.